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    The new edition of the “Sustainability at the Core” report is out

    In 2021, Falck Renewables renewed its commitment to building a more sustainable future and does so by sharing objectives and goals achieved during the previous year, in the new edition of the “Sustainability at the Core” report.

    The report reflects on the particular and difficult period we are living through and the new challenges it has generated, especially in the workplace: from the changes brought by remote working, a practice already applied for some time in Falck Renewables and then successfully extended to more than 90% of the company, to the inevitable effects of the economic crisis which, however, have not stopped the company’s activities, neither in terms of business nor in terms of social commitment. Lastly, special attention is paid to the issue of ecological and energy transition, which sees the Group increasingly involved in projects aimed at promoting sustainability as a core value of all activities.

    How does the Next Solutions Division contribute?

    Once again, the Falck Renewables – Next Solutions division is at the forefront in spreading the message of sustainability promoted by the Group, pursuing every activity with the objective of becoming a leader in the energy transition, through the promotion of a technological and energy development that is sustainable from an economic, environmental, social, relational, and human point of view.

    Despite the inevitable difficulties generated by the pandemic, the Division managed to achieve important results in 2020, including the dispatch of 1,3 TWh of renewable energy and the performance of 27 energy audits that identified potential energy savings of 5.000 TEP, contributing to the achievement of the Group’s sustainability objectives.

    In general, the process of strengthening energy management and energy efficiency services continued through further optimization of digital solutions for energy monitoring and management.

    To find out more about the operations of Falck Renewables, consult the 2020 report!