Testing begins with the storage system at the port of Vado Ligure

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    Vado Ligure, 13 September 2022 – Testing has officially begun with the 9 MW storage system (8 MWh of available power) designed and built by Falck Renewables within the electrical substation powering the port of Vado Ligure (Savona), on behalf of S.V. Port Service. All parties involved met at the Vado Gateway premises for the occasion, along with representatives of local authorities, including the Mayor of Vado Ligure, Monica Giuliano, to whom details of the project and its strategic importance for the entire port area were presented.  

    In these historic times, with a dramatic rise in energy prices, for the port of Vado a storage system means being able to take concrete action in areas such as environmental and economic sustainability and energy transition, becoming one of the first Italian ports to meet the requirements of the Italian National Recovery and Resilience Plan for progressive electrification of port areas and optimisation of consumption.

    The storage system installed at the Vado Ligure port site, in addition to being designed to meet the most innovative technological parameters required by Terna, has been connected to an existing electrical substation, managed by S.V. Port Service, setting an example for the optimisation of existing infrastructure.

    Development of this project has required participation and interaction of various areas of expertise within the Falck Renewables group, starting with design and creation of the system. The next step will be participation of 7.5 MW of storage power in Terna dispatching services for provision of the fast-reserve frequency-regulation service. SAET, a group company that is leader in the creation of storage systems, has managed the turnkey project for the system with precision and expertise. The system has also been equipped with an innovative energy management system that enables improved management of electricity consumption loads.

    Mariano Rosasco – S.V. Port Service, Angelo Scorza – Vado Gateway, Stefano Bovio – S.V. Port Service, Marco Cittadini – Falck Renewables Next Solutions, Fabio Zanellini – Falck Renewables Next Solutions

    “The electrification of consumption and the ever-increasing use of renewable energy today make storage technology fundamental and indispensable,” emphasises Marco Cittadini, Global Head of Falck Renewables – Next Solutions, “especially for realities such as ports that must respond to the need to make consumption increasingly sustainable. In this project Falck Renewables has brought many of its skills to bear, creating one of the most innovative storage plants, especially in terms of the grid services provided”.

    “We are proud of this project, which opens up several opportunities for ports to participate in the energy transition, and we hope that other ports will choose to take this path. The same power station can also be used to connect to the grid any renewable energy plants that will be built in the future in neighbouring areas” said Stefano Bovio, CEO of S.V. Port Service.

    “With the implementation of the storage system, the Port System Authority confirms itself as a leading hub in the energy transition process and consumption optimization. In 2020, the AdSP was the first System Authority to draw up the Environmental Energy Document, underlining the commitment of the ports of Genoa, Savona and Vado Ligure to achieve the “zero impact” port goal. A further step in this direction was the presentation to the MiTE(Ministry for Energy Transition) of 20 “Green Ports PNRR” projects for the production and use of renewable energy which were financed by the Ministry for about 35 million euros; by December we expect to have approved all the technical and economic feasibility projects so that in the first months of 2023 we can proceed with the tenders and the consequent opening of the construction sites. Being able to count on an energy storage system, in the current context of energy uncertainty, is of strategic importance for the entire port area also considering the next electrification interventions of the docks in the passengers’ port, for a total value of about 30 million euros, already contracted and soon to be realized.” Concludes Paolo Piacenza, Secretary General of the Port System Authority of the Western Ligurian Sea.

    Find out more about the project: https://www.falckrenewables-next.com/en/?page_id=22361