An #Enabler4good summer

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    Sustainability doesn’t go on leave!

    Starting back after the summer break always brings enthusiasm, a desire to get stuck in again and a touch of melancholy for the end of the summer. This year, here at Falck Renewables – Next Solutions, we return to work with a wealth of small sustainable actions taken by colleagues and friends that decided to dedicate some of their time to the #Enabler4good initiative.

    Many people took up the challenge, picking up litter found on the beach, up a mountain peak or in the city park, and posting a photo on LinkedIn, sharing their experience and their message of sustainability.

    #Enabler4good continues throughout the year!

    We know that these are small, symbolic gestures. But we do not intend to stop here, and the end of the summer certainly does not mean the end of our efforts.

    Now more than ever, it is essential to adopt sustainable behaviour, involve others and raise awareness in order to spread positive action. Everybody is talking about sustainability these days. For us, it is in our DNA. It represents our core business, and a fundamental value that we have always promoted and will continue to promote going forward.

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    Thanks to all our Enablers4good!