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    Falck Renewables – Next Solutions invests in your energy: maximise your savings, protect the environment.

    Falck Renewables – Next Solutions handles the design, creation and management of the plant, guaranteeing capacity and optimum performance by establishing a fixed price for the energy produced. The contract offered ensures savings, benefits in terms of management and a reduction in emissions that damage the environment. Falck Renewables – Next Solutions also supports its customers in communicating their sustainable choice to stakeholders.

    What we offer

    • Initial investment and complete management of incentives by Falck Renewables – Next Solutions
    • Sharing of technical/economic aspects
    • Operation and maintenance by Falck Renewables – Next Solutions with guaranteed performance levels
    • Contract duration variable based on the payback solution (8 to 12 years)
    • Instalments fully tax deductible
    • Renewal and transfer of ownership at the end of the contract, enjoying the entire saving
    • Withdrawal from contract without time constraints, on payment of agreed cancellation fee
    • Option to receive guidance on how to promote sustainability and communicate the company’s green choices

    The Sun&Save solution guarantees contractual and technical/management benefits, freeing up human resources that the customer can assign to its core business.

    Technical benefits


    Falck Renewables – Next Solutions assumes the risk associated with reaching plant capacity and the customer only purchases energy actually produced.


    Reduced dependence on the more expensive national grid and reduced exposure to its price fluctuations.


    Developed for the customer’s specific needs and fully customised.


    Full-service management and maintenance with performance guarantees.


    Constant verification of data, also by the customer, through monitoring of systems (using hardware and software).


    Plants can be integrated with various technology for increased convenience.

    Economic benefits


    Security for the customer, which can rely on a financially stable partner.


    Immediate savings that increase in the medium/long term.


    Stable energy price and protection from fluctuations and price increases on the national grid.


    Option for the customer to pay off the plant at any time without penalties.


    Increase in building value and handover of plant as new at the end of the contract.


    Every contract is drafted for the specific requirements of the customer (duration, withdrawal, down-payment, etc.).

    Data monitoring

    With the experience and expertise of Energy Team, a Falck Renewables – Next Solutions company, we can offer hardware and software that guarantee constant monitoring of data from photovoltaic plants.

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    Analysis of production and consumption

    Our services allow optimisation of production from the plant through self-consumption by the customer, guaranteeing coverage of a portion of energy demand and avoiding possible wastage.