Do you have a warehouse exceeding 4,000sqm?

Transform your roof into a source of income!

Discover how much you can earn

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    Do you have a large roof?

    Remove asbestos at zero cost or transform your roof into a source of income!

    With the Sun&Save ROOFTOP solution, you can now earn from your rooftop: Falck Renewables – Next Solutions allows you to profit from a resource that you didn’t know had so much potential.

    Guarantee for 30 years

    In exchange for a 30-year roof lease, we will install a photovoltaic plant on your roof.

    We handle everything
    without interrupting production.

    Earnings for you

    We pay you a fee per square metre
    in a single payment.

    Your roof becomes a
    source of income.

    Contribution for removal and disposal of asbestos

    The fee will cover renovation and replacement of roofing.

    Anything left over
    is yours

    The solution


    Who is it aimed at?

    Owners of medium/large warehouses

    What is the benefit?

    • You can clean-up your roof from the presence of asbestos.
    • You earn from a resource that was previously unused.
    • You contribute to sustainability goals

    What does it involve?

    Falck Renewables – Next Solutions, using incentives introduced by Italian Ministerial Decree of 4 July 2019,
    will install a photovoltaic plant on the customer’s rooftop,paying them a fee.

    This amount will cover all or part of the cost for any refitting of the roof and removal and disposal of any asbestos.

    The Decree of 4 July 2019 introduces new incentives for newly built photovoltaic plants.
    To access incentives for plants smaller than 1 MW, the criteria are:

    • Registration by 2 March 2021 for procedure no. 5 (submissions from 31/01/2021), 30 June 2021 for procedure no. 6 (submissions from 31/05/2021), and 30 October 2021 for procedure no. 7 (submissions from 30/09/2021).
    • Possession of property right, including full ownership or lease.
    • Obtainment of all authorisations necessary for plant construction.
    • Registration of the plant on Gaudì portal.
    • Obtainment of quote for connection of the plant to the grid by the distributor.
    • Payment to GSE of guarantees for participation in the procedure.
    • Payment of fees for administrative costs.

    The maximum incentives for plants with power 100<P<999 (kW) have a twenty-year duration and establish:

    • A tariff of € 90/MWh for new photovoltaic plants
    • A tariff of € 85/MWh with € 12/MWh bonuses for photovoltaic plants installed replacing roofs with complete removal of Eternit and asbestos.


    Meeting with customer and evaluation of opportunity
    Signing of Letter of Intent (LOI) regarding feasibility study and offer for lease.
    Analysis of data by Falck professionals and possible site survey.
    Pre-contractual transfer of lease and binding lease offer.
    Approval by GSE of plant registration in RES registers.
    Contract for transfer of lease and start of works.

    Specifications in case of removal and disposal of asbestos and re-roofing.

    • The total cost of the lease in the case of a roof with asbestos is paid to the customer upfront for performance of asbestos removal and re-roofing.
    • The customer shall directly handle removal and replacement of the roof, engaging a specialised company and adhering to the plans shared with Falck Renewables – Next Solutions.
    • Falck Renewables – Next Solutions will pay the lease amount to the Customer against issue of a guarantee regarding the successful outcome of the removal and re-roofing work.

      Profit from a resource that you didn’t know had so much potential: DISCOVER HOW MUCH YOU CAN EARN!

      Calculations are made according to the data ranges and taking into consideration a series of relevant variables to estimate a possible value of the rooftop lease. These are approximate values and for a more precise breakdown a specific quote should be requested from Falck Renewables - Next Solutions experts.

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