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    Falck Renewables – Next Solutions offers its services as supplier and manager to improve energy flows and economic flows of customers, supporting electricity-system stability.

    What we offer


    Drafting of a letter of intent (LOI) evaluating the technical and economic feasibility of installation of a storage system with the customer.


    The Customer only needs to provide data regarding consumption and any local production, information regarding the grid connection and the characteristics of existing plants.


    We conduct a technical and economic feasibility study regarding the installation of a storage system and integrated management of the micro-grid.


    We validate and share the technical and economic proposal.

    If the project is profitable and the customer decides to proceed: it will not pay for the feasibility study, Falck Renewables – Next Solutions invests in the project and pays a fixed fee for use of infrastructure (lease) and a variable fee for management of grid flexibility (grid services through BSP). It handles implementation of the initiative (authorisation, procurement, installation, approval commissioning and operations) and the management and maintenance of systems installed.

    Why choose a storage system?

    Greater flexibility

    It enables flexible management of consumption and supports peak shaving.

    Greater security

    It enables more secure and higher quality supply.

    Greater efficiency

    It enables storage of electricity, for more efficient consumption by the production site.

    Greater integration

    It can be integrated with existing plants and adapted to any application.

    Greater stability

    It provides ancillary services to improve electricity-system stability.

    Greater independence

    It reduces dependence on the national grid and exposure to price fluctuations.

    Greater savings

    It guarantees additional sources of revenue and savings in the medium/long term.

    Pilot projects (UVAM, UPR, UPI and FRU) proposed by Terna, improve the economic parameters of the investment, making it an attractive proposition. Nobody is excluded: users can also decide to group together for participation in pilot projects.

    Falck Renewables – Next Solutions has vast experience in electricity markets and it can offer investment and dispatching of the asset as a BSP.

    With 25 years’ experience in the industry, Energy Team is a guarantee of professional expertise in analysis of consumption, customer requirements and integration with other systems.

    Working together with Energy Team, Falck Renewables – Next Solutions is able to meet the technical requirements established by Terna for participation in pilot projects, enabling storage for participation in electricity markets.

    Data monitoring

    Falck Renewables – Next Solutions offers all equipment necessary for the provision of grid services and monitoring of essential data for correct performance.

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