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    GS Studio & Service is a Brescia-based planning and consultancy firm specialized in management of energy systems. Operating since 2001, it has won the trust of many important companies thanks to the demonstrable and certified professional expertise of its operators.

    On the basis of its flexibility and professional expertise, Energy Team, a Falck Renewables – Next Solutions company, was chosen by the Firm not only as a supplier, but also as a partner, creating a system of excellence that benefits both companies and, above all, end users.

    “Energy Team’s modus operandi is compatible with our own; flexible and efficient. This is why we proposed going beyond the role of supplier, establishing a collaboration that would promote the best of Energy Team’s hardware excellence and our experience in providing technical services for businesses.”
    GS Studio & Service

    Energy Team not only offered its superb technical expertise: it also provided insightful market analysis and identified the best solutions for the specific needs of GS Studio & Service.

    From standard supplier to complete partner. This is the direction that we have taken with GS Studio & Service. A partnership that evolved from a strictly technical relationship, taking on a more strategic and business-focused character. Consolidating results and identifying new growth opportunities.