Power Purchase Agreements

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    An increasing number of companies are adopting green approaches, a collective action for the future based on the EU agenda, which has set the goal of becoming a “climate-neutral” economy by 2050. In order to achieve this goal and in line with trends in the leading European countries, Falck Renewables – Next Solutions also offers Power Purchase Agreements, a key tool for the energy transition and for decarbonisation.

    What are PPAs?

    Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) are long-term bilateral contracts governing the supply of electricity between a producer and a buyer (offtaker). For industrial clients, use the term Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (CPPA). Right now, this is a highly innovative tool, as it can offer the investor sufficient financial stability to incentivise investment.

    Long-term agreements (from 5 to 25 years)

    Bilateral (between producer and consumer)

    Typically with a fixed price

    What needs do PPAs and CPPAs satisfy?


    • Hedging of market risk through guaranteed fixed remuneration for energy produced.
    • For new projects without incentives, producers need financial leverage from lenders (banks and investment funds).
    • Development and commissioning of new RES contributing to European goals for 2030 (and 2050).


    • Increasing need to demonstrate environmental commitment to stakeholders.
    • Diversification of energy procurement strategy and management of price risk.
    • Reduction in energy costs.
    • Decrease in CO2 emissions and, therefore, environmental impacts.

    How do CPPAs work?

    Why choose to sign a PPA or CPPA with Falck Renewables – Next Solutions?

    With its vertically integrated structure and presence throughout the generation and supply chain, Falck Renewables is one of only a handful of Italian operators able to offer comprehensive services and guarantee reliability, awareness and transparency.


    We are part of a Group that has over 1,3 GW installed worldwide, manages 3.8 GW of assets and has proven financial strength as demonstrated by its constantly improving economic performance.


    We have chosen to primarily focus on the energy produced by our Group’s renewable assets and manage a total of almost 2 TWh in Europe.


    With comprehensive experience handling over 1500 active customers in the field of energy efficiency, metering and demand-response services, we deliver transparent and custom management services enabled by innovative digital systems.