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    Falck Renewables – Next Solutions buys energy generated by producers’ plants (photovoltaic, hydroelectric, wind power, all types of biomass and cogeneration), making it an alternative to GSE’s “Ritiro Dedicato” energy-purchase model.

    Its offer is aimed at plants with a power of more than 1 MW (1,000 kW)

    We purchase

    energy produced by plants with contracts that offer a custom price: Zonal Price, Fixed Price or Dynamic Price and contracts are handled adopting a portfolio-management approach.

    We monitor

    plant performance using complex proprietary systems, state-of-the-art weather forecasting tools and a powerful online asset-management platform that allow us to minimize imbalance risk.

    We maximise

    the selling price using advanced financial instruments and operate on all intra-day markets. We support the producer with strategic advice aimed at optimizing the price of energy and environmental certificates.

    Why choose Falck Renewables - Next Solutions?


    We are part of a Group that has over 1.3 GW installed worldwide, manages 3.8 GW of assets and has proven financial strength as demonstrated by its constantly improving economic performance.


    We have chosen to primarily focus on the energy produced by our Group’s renewable assets and manage a total of almost 2 TWh in Europe.


    With comprehensive experience handling over 1500 active customers in the field of energy efficiency, metering and demand-response services, we deliver transparent and custom management services enabled by innovative digital systems.