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    The webinar “Energy Management Web Conference 2021” organised by Anie and Soiel International dealt with PPAs and the part they have played in the recent upsurge in energy prices, the importance of using monitoring and simulation software for energy management, energy storage and the Capacity Market.

    During the event, we heard contributions from our colleagues Francesco Benvenuto, Head of Energy Management and Fabio Zanellini, Manager of Network Services (both on behalf of ANIE), as well as from Martina Ravasi, Technical Expert and Regulatory Advisor for Energy Team.

    FRANCESCO BENVENUTO – “Will the recent resurgence in energy prices drive the growth of PPAs in Italy?”

    Francesco had a look at the state of play of PPAs in Italy and across Europe against a backdrop of soaring energy prices and attempted to understand whether the ongoing situation has led to an increase in the use of this kind of contract or not.

    Francesco examined the advantages of PPAs, focusing on their role in the environmental transition and decarbonisation process and wrapped his speech up by presenting some figures and envisioning some possible future scenarios in the short and mid-to-long term.

    MARTINA RAVASI – “Software platforms: from the accurate measurement to the efficient management of energy”

    Martina highlighted the importance of monitoring and analysing energy data as a means to draw up tailored strategies aimed at optimising energy management on company premises.

    She did so by citing real-life cases that involved the use of two different software programmes. The first was CloE, a monitoring platform developed by Energy Team which allows users to comprehensively manage all the energy-related information via personalisable apps; the second example showed how a simulation software programme worked and illustrated the flow that originates with the energy data and allows us to identify any critical issues and reach effective solutions by simulating corrective measures.

    FABIO ZANELLINI – “Current situation and future prospects for storage systems”

    Fabio took a detailed look at the current storage-system situation in Italy and outlined the possible prospects for future development, starting with the legislative and regulatory framework before going on to show the Terna data which provides a good picture of the Italian situation and the way these systems have evolved over the past few years.

    He talked about the growing interest in this technology, envisaging an increase both in terms of connection requests and in terms of size of the equipment involved. Last of all, he suggested a series of instruments that encourage network users to think about investing in storage systems, showing all the advantages as well as areas for improvement.