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    Falck Renewables – Next Solutions also acts as an Aggregator in the context of flexibility systems, or Balancing Service Provider (BSP): in charge of providing the service offered on the Dispatching Services Market (MSD), it modulates loads and/or generation for its portfolio of customers to provide flexibility for the electricity system.


    Resolution 300/2017/R/eel of the Italian Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and Environment (ARERA) established the criteria to allow application, for production units that are not already enabled (non-programmable renewables and distributed generation) and storage systems, to participate in the Dispatching Services Market (MSD) in the context of Terna pilot projects, also allowing aggregation of units via third parties.

    UVAM (Aggregate Virtual Mixed Units) are groups of plants defined according to specific aggregation parameters that offer resources (controllable power) sold on markets and required for the provision of ancillary services to the grid. Depending on the composition of these groups, different types of UVA are defined.

    UVAM are managed by parties called “Aggregators” or BSPs (Balancing Service Providers) which are the representatives of these aggregations for interaction with the market. Aggregators are authorised to offer services on the Dispatching Services Market (MSD) and are responsible for communication with Terna and execution of dispatching orders received following market sessions.

    What are the steps that the BSP must manage in the context of Demand Response?


    When grid-stability issues arise, Terna sends a balancing order to the aggregator.


    Falck Renewables – Next Solutions, in the capacity of BSP (aggregator), modulates the load and/or generation of its customer portfolio to increase or decrease energy usage.


    Customers able to offer flexibility are required to respond to the call within 15 minutes, manually or automatically triggering modulation plans.


    The reduction or increase in load is used by the grid operator and customers receive remuneration from the grid for the modulation service offered.

    Why choose Falck Renewables - Next Solutions as BSP?

    Falck Renewables – Next Solutions has offered its BSP service since the very start of the mechanism in Italy and today it is one of the top ten operators in terms of allocated capacity.

    Being able to rely on a stable international Group

    Being supported by professionals that combine their expertise with experience accumulated through business abroad

    Access to services that combine management and development of assets with flexibility and economic considerations on markets

    Benefiting from cutting-edge proprietary digital hardware and software technology