Energy Team at the KNX Day

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    This October, together with Energy Team, a company that belongs to our Division, we took part in the KNX Day 2021, a live-streaming event organised by the KNX Italy Association which, for over twenty years, has been providing support to building contractors, system integrators, universities and research centres which have chosen KNX technology as their gold standard for the installation of domotics and smart home automation systems in buildings.

    Iacopo BottelliCommercial & Sales Specialist from Energy Team S.p.A. took part in the event and started by describing some real-life scenarios to demonstrate the importance of energy data and show how it can be used and managed to reach 5 monitoring goals:

    1. Energy audit
    2. Improving the current situation
    3. Identifying anomalies
    4. Benchmarking
    5. Incentivisation (super bonus) and sustainability
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    How can we achieve these goals?

    To highlight just how vital energy data really is, Iacopo made use of CloE, a piece of software created by Energy Team which is a one-stop product offering all the features a single- or multi-site industrial or services-sector company needs to monitor and efficiently manage its energy consumption and put in place a sustainable energy strategy.

    CloE allows users to extrapolate and analyse energy data, comparing it with other internal and external figures and information. This software exploits the data available and enables users to pinpoint and correct any anomalies, thus boosting performance levels. CloE also allows businesses to keep constant tabs on consumption and produce annual reports on savings which, in turn, means that they can claim eligibility for incentives available for the various industrial sectors.

    In order to meet companies’ various energy-analysis requirements, CloE offers a series of specific easy-to-implement and personalisable applications.
    A short free test will tell you which apps are best suited to your business – you enter the KPIs and we recommend the right App.