Inerti Calcestruzzi Centeno

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    I.C.C., Inerti Calcestruzzi Centeno, is a company based in the province of Viterbo operating in the concrete industry. Specifically, it deals in the production and sale of river aggregate.
    The project implemented by Falck Renewables – Next Solutions involved creation of a photovoltaic plant to meet a portion of the energy demand at the Centeno facility, installation of electrical connections with existing plants and management and routine maintenance of the plant throughout the duration of the contract.

    Project figures

    0 year
    Contract duration
    0 kWp
    Photovoltaic plant
    0 %
    Cost of energy after the works
    0 %
    • Definitive planning and execution
    • Management of authorisation procedures and permits
    • Plant commissioning
    • Approval testing and plant start-up
    • Efficient running of the plant
    • Routine and special maintenance of the photovoltaic plant
    • Guarantee of productivity and therefore of saving

    Supply of electricity from photovoltaic generation will have a fixed price for eight years, allowing the customer to pay around 30% less compared to the previous price.

    The results

    No initial investment
    made by I.C.C.

    Full management and maintenance
    handled by Falck Renewables – Next Solutions

    More than € 350,000 in total over the useful life of the plant

    Guaranteed productivity
    Monthly payment for energy produced, defined annually based on actual production (annual settlement)