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    Falck Renewables – Next Solutions guides its industrial and tertiary-sector customers towards sustainable energy development, offering solutions for more efficient energy use, flexibility and procurement of “green” energy.

    On the basis of its expertise, experience and position within a large Group, Falck Renewables – Next Solutions can offer tailored projects that guarantee clear, transparent and tangible energy and cost savings.


    More energy, less resources

    Falck Renewables – Next Solutions offers tailored photovoltaic solutions for your company: from distributed generation for self-generation of energy to leasing of roof space or land for the creation of plants owned by Falck Renewables, right through to the purchase of industrial and agricultural land.

    Different solutions for different applications.

    If you want to install a photovoltaic plant on your company’s roof, giving you independence through self-generation of the electricity you need, we recommend Sun&Save, the comprehensive, versatile and reliable package!

    Sun&Save will make your consumption more efficient, increasing the reliability and security of your production and actively contributing to the energy transition, while reducing bills. Sun&Save guarantees not only economic benefits, but also technical and management advantages, guaranteeing plant capacity and optimum performance by setting a fixed price for energy produced.
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    For owners of buildings and warehouses with an area greater than 4,000 m2, we also offer Sun&Save ROOFTOP. Thanks to the incentives available under Italian Ministerial Decree of 04/07/2019, Falck Renewables – Next Solutions will install a photovoltaic plant on the rooftop at its own expense, with removal of asbestos and lease payment. Sun&Save ROOFTOP is a turnkey solution that allows transformation of a rooftop into a source of income.
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    If you are the owner of industrial land with an area greater than 20,000 m2, you can choose to lease or sell your land to generate green energy and earn a profit.

    With the Sun&Save LAND solution, you can lease Falck Renewables – Next Solutions your land, enabling them to create a photovoltaic plant with solar panels installed on the ground. This type of plant currently guarantees an annual income of up to € 4,000 per hectare. Alternatively, you can receive the entire amount agreed immediately in a single payment.

    Falck Renewables is also interested in purchasing your land to install a photovoltaic plant. Choose a solid and reliable partner with proven experience!

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    Data: a resource for the transition

    Energy Team offers its customers products and services for collection, control and processing of energy data, enabling better management of consumption. Using cutting-edge hardware and software, it offers customised, integrated and transparent systems for the monitoring and management of energy information.

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    Consultancy and services

    Energy Team offers energy consulting services that start with development of monitoring systems specially designed to the customer’s requirements, involving in-depth analysis of the energy structure and systems to design a specific monitoring architecture to optimise resources, increase awareness of consumption and ensure more sustainable consumption. Energy Team’s energy management experts work closely with the customer throughout the energy consulting process, achieving the highest certifications for energy management (e.g. ISO 50001:2018).

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    Microgrid Simulator

    We have developed simulation software which, through prescriptive analysis of industrial plants, renewable assets associated with storage systems and energy communities, enables the optimisation of energy district management.

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    Corporate PPA

    Green energy for businesses

    Corporate Purchase Agreements (CPPAs) are medium or long-term contracts for the purchase of energy and guarantees of origin directly from renewable energy plants. With more than 20 years of Group experience in the development of RES plants, Falck Renewables – Next Solutions can offer access to a pipeline of new assets on various scales and with a range of generation sources.

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    Reduce the environmental impact of your company

    Guarantees of Origin enable certification of the 100% renewable origin and sustainability of the sources used to cover company energy consumption.

    Our Guarantees of Origin come from renewable plants owned by Falck Renewables, with IGO certification.

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    A valuable asset for the energy transition

    Falck Renewables – Next Solutions proposes itself as Balancing Service Provider (BSP) by participating, on mandate, in the auctions held by Terna. It supports its customers in identifying the most effective solutions, installing the necessary technological tools and offering Demand Response services to allow access to the Dispatching Services Market (MSD). It deals with the design, construction and management of storage systems for the accumulation of electricity.

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    Falck Renewables – Next Solutions offers its customers demand-response solutions, participating in the dispatching services markets as an aggregator. It also provides innovative proprietary technology for identification of electrical flexibility of users, offering remote and automatic load management.

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    Falck Renewables – Next Solutions operates as a Balancing Service Provider (BSP): it enables its customers to participate in the Dispatching Services Market (MSD), helping them to develop the solutions best adapted to enhancing their flexibility. In addition, it is authorised to participate in Terna auctions on behalf of customers.

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    Falck Renewables – Next Solutions meets the flexibility needs of its customers by offering cutting-edge electricity storage solutions. Through complete storage systems that can be integrated with existing technology, it is possible to reduce dependence on the national grid and access economic and technical benefits, by dispatching the energy produced.

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