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    If you have energy to sell, we will buy it

    Falck Renewables – Next Solutions buys energy generated by producers’ plants (photovoltaic, hydroelectric, wind power, all types of biomass and cogenerators), offering an alternative to GSE’s “Ritiro Dedicato” energy-purchase model.

    We purchase

    the energy produced by plants with contracts that offer a custom price, and contracts that offer a price indexed to the zonal price, fixed price or dynamic price, managed in order to minimise price risk for the producer.

    We monitor

    performance of plants using complex and cutting-edge proprietary technology that allows us to minimise imbalance risk.

    We maximise

    the selling price using advanced financial instruments and operate on all intra-day markets. We support the producer with strategic advice aimed at optimizing the price of energy and environmental certificates.

    Offtake contracts are the most common, as they are aimed at all producers that want to sell their energy to a buyer or “offtaker”, negotiating the best possible conditions and maximising economic value. Establishing a bilateral contract on the free market allows producers to obtain better terms for the sale of energy and gives them the option to delegate the responsibility of participation in imbalance markets to the Offtaker.

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    These are medium and long-term contracts for the purchase of energy between buyers and producers, involving customised pricing: Zonal Price, Fixed Price or Dynamic Price and contracts are handled adopting a portfolio-management approach.

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    Our dedicated team

    Falck Renewables – Next Solutions has a specialised internal team dedicated 24/7 to power-trading. This involves the optimal management of energy flows on physical and financial markets, utilising sophisticated analysis and forecasting systems.

    Guarantees of Origin

    Do you produce green energy? We will purchase your Guarantees of Origin.

    We offer a solution to purchase Guarantees of Origin associated with IGO-certified plants. Our network of buyers across Europe enables us to offer competitive prices for leading renewable technology.

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    Your energy, our experience

    Definition of customised benchmark prices forms the basis of our Energy Portfolio Management service. Through fixing actions, performed according to the criteria shared with producers, Falck Renewables – Next Solutions aims to optimise profits and create a win-win situation by sharing results.

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    Optimal management of your energy

    Falck Renewables – Next Solutions provides comprehensive support to producers in the management of all energy considerations, promoting informed decisions on energy markets through strategic advice. Solid experience in the sector enables effective management of challenging price structures.


    Discover the flexibility of our services

    Falck Renewables – Next Solutions offers its customers Demand-Response solutions, participating in the dispatching services markets as an aggregator. It also provides innovative proprietary technology for identification of electrical flexibility of users, offering remote and automatic load management.

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    Next Solutions operates as a Balancing Service Provider (BSP): it enables its customers to participate in the Dispatching Services Market (MSD), helping them to develop the solutions best adapted to enhancing their flexibility. In addition, it is authorised to participate in Terna auctions on behalf of customers.

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    Falck Renewables – Next Solutions meets the flexibility needs of its customers by offering cutting-edge electricity storage solutions. Through complete storage systems that can be integrated with existing technology, it is possible to reduce dependence on the national grid and access economic and technical benefits, by dispatching the energy produced.

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