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    AREN is a company with over ten years of experience in energy production through the use of natural, renewable and sustainable resources. Thanks to a team of specialized engineers, it promotes the development of new plants, taking care of every phase, right up to commissioning.

    Falck Renewables – Next Solutions has signed an Off-Taking contract with AREN, initially for 12 months and then renewed for another year, committing to purchase energy from the 22 plants (12 photovoltaic, 4 hydroelectric, 6 wind) owned by AREN and dispatching the over 150 GWh of annual energy produced.

    Project figures

    0 GWh
    Annually dispatched energy
    0 Dispatched plants
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    Renewable energy

    We purchase

    energy produced by plants with contracts that offer a custom price: Zonal Price, Fixed Price or Dynamic Price and contracts are handled adopting a portfolio-management approach.

    We monitor

    plant performance using complex proprietary systems, state-of-the-art weather forecasting tools and a powerful online asset-management platform that allows us to minimize imbalance risk.

    We maximise

    the selling price using advanced financial instruments and operate on all intra-day markets. We support the producer with strategic advice aimed at optimizing the price of energy and environmental certificates.

    The results

    Economic savings
    compared to the average paid by operators

    Reduction of imbalance risk
    thanks to plant performance management

    360° assistance
    with consulting services with market analysis tools