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    Energy communities: the evolution of self-consumption through collective self-consumers and the renewable energy community.

    With the energy transition driving towards an active role for the community, Italy is preparing for energy communities.

    Energy communities:
    what are they?

    Energy communities are groups of citizens, commercial businesses and enterprises. These electricity consumers locally produce the renewable energy required to meet their needs, sharing it amongst the community.
    The energy community benefits from dual incentives for energy produced by a renewable system, input into the grid and consumed by one or more community members.
    Plants must be connected to the electricity grid through the same transformer substation that other members of the community are connected to.

    Falck Renewables – Next Solutions for energy communities

    Falck Renewables – Next Solutions, has always been involved in the discussion on Energy Communities, working to accelerate the process for development of these communities and offering its expertise and experience in order to create efficient and sustainable systems.

    We offer a comprehensive range of products and services
    developed to meet various requirements:


    • Metering systems
    • Creation of renewable plants
    • Creation of storage systems
    • Smart-digital management platform

    Consulting services

    • Administrative, legal and accounting support
    • Technical and economic feasibility
    • Definitive planning and execution
    • Worksite safety
    • Obtainment of authorisations
    • Support in obtaining incentives

    Management activity

    • Routine plant maintenance
    • Special plant maintenance
    • Dialogue with organisations
    • Management of communities
    • Monitoring and reporting

    What are the benefits of energy communities?

    There is a dual incentive for energy communities, rewarding energy shared within the community, with the goal of guaranteeing the profitability of investment in renewable plants and associated storage systems:

    Implicit ARERA incentive: return of tariff components based on reduced losses on the transmission grid and distribution grids.

    Explicit MITE incentive: as detailed in the Italian Ministerial Decree.

    Additional benefits

    Those deciding to partner with Falck Renewables – Next Solutions can also enjoy the following benefits:

    • Renewable generation
    • No initial investment
    • Hedging of future energy prices
    • Assumption of risk by Falck
    • Reduced environmental impacts
    • Sharing, transparency and promotion of the local area
    • Plant purchase option
    • Maintenance included