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    The Next Solutions division also participated in presentation of the White Paper on Storage 3.0.

    Over the last few days, ANIE Energia and RSE presented the “White Paper on Storage 3.0”, now in its third edition, and the result of years of research and discussion on energy storage systems.

    The webinar entitled “Electrochemical Energy Storage: new rules and new opportunities”, also saw participation from Marco Cittadini, Head of Falck Renewables – Next Solutions, and Fabio Zanellini, our Head of Ancillary Services Development, who was actively involved in drafting the document as Chairman Technical and Regulation Group for ANIE.

    Cittadini participated in a round table involving discussion between institutional representatives and stakeholders. During his speech, he highlighted how electricity storage represented a highly attractive area of technology, which can be installed in a range of contexts, focusing on the necessary application in the industrial system. On this basis, it is hoped that associations and institutions place increasing importance on this solution, which can play a fundamental role in the energy transition. Falck Renewables – Next solutions constantly invests energy and finance in this area, which is of primary importance for its business.

    Furthermore, Mr Cittadini highlighted the excellent results achieved at the Terna auction for procurement of the Fast-Reserve frequency-regulation service, in which Falck Renewables was awarded 7.5 MW for the storage project developed for S.V. Port Service, a company providing services at the ports of Savona and Vado Ligure. This initiative involves the installation of an electrochemical storage system at the port of Vado Ligure, with the goal of participating in the dispatching services market and providing the new fast-reserve frequency-regulation service. This is the only storage project in Italy developed in a port, demonstrating how this technology is now mature and ready for application in a wide range of different contexts.

    Zanellini spoke at the start of the event with an overview of the current legislative and regulatory framework in Italy, stressing the need to make the most of opportunities offered by storage in the process of energy transition and highlighting existing and future drivers of the development and proliferation of this technology in the country.

    What is the future of storage systems in Italy?

    The outlook for storage systems in Italy is rather interesting, with the expectation of a significant roll-out in the country, as has already taken place in other countries, particularly the US, UK and Germany. In the near future, flexibility will play an essential role, and it will therefore be increasingly necessary to adopt systems and regulations that incentivise it.

    Italian and European energy policies also reflect this trend and are aimed at incentivising the adoption of increasingly flexible and renewable technology. This is evident from the different provisions introduced, including the Integrated National Energy and Climate Plan (INECP), pilot projects pursuant to Resolution 300/2017 and the various incentives and grants, etc.

    The White Paper on storage plays a fundamental role in this context, allowing interpretation of these initiatives for informed and active participation in the process of energy transition.

    What does Falck Renewables – Next Solutions offer in terms of storage systems?

    Falck Renewables – Next Solutions offers a comprehensive, cutting-edge storage solution, handling all phases of implementation of this technology. The Next Solutions service first involves a preliminary storage audit, for technical and financial analysis of the implementation of a storage system within a production context, evaluating the benefits. If the outcome is positive, the division proceeds with investment in the project and implementation of the initiative (authorisation, procurement, installation, commissioning and operations). Finally, it handles market management and maintenance of systems installed, as well as monitoring energy data through proprietary analysis software.

    The service offered by Falck Renewables – Next Solutions guarantees greater flexibility, efficiency, stability, savings, security, integration and independence, thanks to detailed knowledge of electricity markets and the company’s financial stability.