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    Falck Renewables – Next Solutions offers demand-response technology and services for industrial and tertiary-sector customers, giving them access to the Dispatching Services Market (MSD) and allowing them to modulate their energy consumption and respond to peaks in electricity supply and demand for increased grid flexibility and stability.

    The context

    Like elsewhere, in recent years a process has begun in Italy of gradual decarbonisation of the electricity industry, through a progressive increase in the amount of renewable energy consumed. However, this positive process leads to greater instability of the grid as the generation capacity of renewables, which is intermittent and cannot be programmed, can only be planned on a very short-term basis, leading to uncertainty and unreliability of the grid.
    The operator of the national grid, Terna, has launched a series of projects to tackle this problem (UVAC – Aggregate Virtual Consumption Units, UVAP – Aggregate Virtual Production Units, and UVAM – Aggregate Virtual Mixed Units), aimed at increasing the pool of entities that can provide grid services, to increase flexibility and stability in the context of pilot projects.

    UVAM – Aggregate Virtual Mixed Units

    The UVAM (Aggregate Virtual Mixed Units) mechanism involves demand and production units defined as “non-significant” (with nominal power below 10 MW) in the Dispatching Services Market through aggregate participation and allows them to participate in the programme. Participants are not required to interrupt consumption, but to offer the grid their demand and production flexibility, reducing their withdrawal of power or inputting power to the grid following a call for modulation from Terna.

    The dual role of Falck Renewables – Next Solutions

    Falck Renewables – Next Solutions offers innovative proprietary technology allowing identification of electrical flexibility of users, and providing services for the remote and automated management of load modulation activity when prompted by Terna.
    Falck Renewables – Next Solutions also acts as an Aggregator, or Balancing Service Provider (BSP): in charge of providing the service offered on the Dispatching Services Market (MSD, or “Mercato Servizi Dispacciamento”), it modulates loads and/or generation for its portfolio of customers to increase or decrease energy usage.

    Why choose the demand-response service?

    Economic benefits

    through participation in the Dispatching Services Market (MSD) it is possible to access new potential revenue connected to the simple management of your electricity demand and/or generation assets

    and optimisation
    of energy consumption

    for your plant, promoting more flexible energy usage


    in management of resources

    Competitive advantages

    deriving from more active participation in the energy market

    Option to play
    an active role

    n the energy transition, contributing to the development of an increasingly sustainable and green system