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    Falck Renewables – Next Solutions invests in your energy:
    maximise your savings, protect the environment

    Falck Renewables – Next Solutions finances, designs and creates custom cogeneration and trigeneration plants with an ESCO model, lowering energy bills and reducing harmful emissions.

    What we offer

    • Initial investment and complete management of any incentives by Falck Renewables – Next Solutions
    • Sharing of technical and economic aspects of the project between Falck Renewables – Next Solutions and the end customer
    • Flexibility in management of natural-gas procurement (by Falck Renewables – Next Solutions or the customer)
    • Free supply of heating and/or cooling energy by Falck Renewables – Next Solutions
    • Operation and maintenance of the plant provided entirely by Falck Renewables – Next Solutions with guaranteed performance levels 
    • Contract duration variable based on the payback solution, typically between 5 and 10 years
    • Withdrawal from contract possible without time constraints, on payment of cancellation fee agreed at the outset
    • Option for renewal at the end of the contract or transfer of ownership with the customer enjoying the complete saving

    The Falck Renewables – Next Solutions cogeneration solutions guarantee contractual and technical/management benefits, freeing up human resources to be assigned to your company’s core business.

    Technical benefits


    We deliver a “finished” product: operational, authorised and already tested and approved.


    Reduced dependence on the more expensive national grid and reduced exposure to its price fluctuations.


    Developed for the specific needs of each client and fully customised.


    Full-service management and maintenance of plants (from engineering through to the end of the contract).


    Monitoring that allows constant verification of data
    for plants and immediate transmission to the customer.


    Option for solutions that integrate cogeneration with other energy-efficiency solutions.

    Economic benefits


    Security for the customer, which can rely on a financially stable partner (listed on the stock exchange).


    Immediate savings that increase in the medium/long term.


    Optimisation of performance owing to expertise in energy-management services.


    Stable energy price and protection from price fluctuations.


    Option for the customer to pay off the plant at any time without penalties.


    Option to choose the contract best suited to your specific requirements.

    Data monitoring

    The services offered by Falck Renewables – Next Solutions enable optimisation of production from the plant through self-consumption by the customer, guaranteeing coverage of a portion of energy demand and avoiding possible wastage. With the experience and expertise of Energy Team, a Falck Renewables – Next Solutions company, we can offer hardware and software that guarantee constant monitoring of data from cogeneration and trigeneration plants.

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    Sample contract – 6-month duration

    Falck Renewables – Next Solutions implements the project, investing in the commodities necessary to achieve energy savings and handles plant O&M throughout the duration of the investment. It adopts a full benefit-sharing approach, which includes any “White Certificate” incentives.
    It handles the sale to the grid, on behalf of the customer, of any excess electricity and harnesses flexibility.
    It manages any administrative procedures regarding the generation system in the customer’s name, while the cost of natural gas and excise duty continue to be covered by the customer.