Certified renewable energy for Segreen Business Park

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    Certified renewable energy for Segreen Business Park: agreement between Falck Next Energy and Europa Risorse SGR

    An agreement has been signed between Europa Risorse SGR S.p.A. and Falck Next Energy S.r.l. — a Falck Renewables – Next Solutions company — for the purchase of Guarantees of Origin certifying the use of renewable energy for Segreen Business Park (Milan). Segreen Business Park is a project with a biophilic approach, perfectly harmonising green areas into the urban landscape, with a total area of 50,000 m2, 5,650 m2 of outdoor space, 6 buildings – 3 of which are still under construction – that will host 4,000 people, and four Green Pavilion for services and amenities.

    The Guarantees of Origin sold to Europa Risorse SGR — a company founded in 2008 that currently owns 10 Alternative Real-Estate funds with approximately € 800 million in managed asset — will originate from the Buddusò-Alà dei Sardi wind power plant, owned by Falck Renewables in Sardinia. The site has an installed capacity of 138 MW and 69 turbines. The annual agreement sets out the sale of green certificates attesting the 100% renewable origin and sustainability of the sources used for common and additional consumption of the business park complex in the Segrate area of Milan.

    A word from the parties involved:

    Segreen is the first hub in the post-covid era in which energy consumption of the buildings is certified as green and the design solutions adopted prioritise health and well-being, satisfying all preventive health regulations”, commented the Chairman of Europa Risorse SGR, Antonio Napoleone. “We are pleased to partner with Falck Renewables – Next Solutions for this project, going beyond sustainability, which is no longer a choice but a true moral duty”.

    Francesco Benvenuto, Head of Energy Management at Falck Renewables – Next Solutions, commented: “We are proud to contribute to the achievement of sustainability goals with an important project like this in Segrate through the transfer of Guarantees of Origin originating from one of our Group’s plants. This is a further example of a partnership targeted at achieving energy-transition goals.

    The Europa Risorse Group, founded by Marc Mogull and Antonio Napoleone at the end of the ‘90s, is an independent Italian platform specialised in asset, development, project and fund management for primary Italian and foreign institutional investors. Over twenty years of business, the Group has developed and managed over 40 important real-estate development projects for a total value of approximately € 2.5 billion for more than 25 investors. Europa Risorse combines its real-estate development experience with that of asset management, employing expertise in international best practices and positioning itself as an efficient and reliable operator. In recent years, Europa Risorse has increasingly centred its business around development of projects for urban regeneration and transformation, focusing particularly on well-being in the workplace.