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    The future of energy

    Falck Renewables – Next Solutions is founded on the experience and professional expertise of the Falck Renewables Group. Its goal is to incentivise sustainable energy development and implement efficiency and transparent systems for the management of production and consumption of energy, through three different operational areas that guarantee a comprehensive and flexible service.

    Energy Solutions

    The Energy Solutions division manages actions aimed at increasing distributed generation and energy savings (photovoltaics, cogeneration, storage systems, diagnosis and consulting, and efficiency with the ESCo model). Falck Renewables – Next solutions develops, implements and manages projects to increase local sustainable production and flexibility, and reduce energy consumption (maintaining service levels for end users). In the context of this process, it takes on full responsibility for results.
    Falck Renewables – Next solutions invests in the assets required to save energy. Projects involve a full “benefit sharing” approach.

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    Energy Management

    The Energy Management division handles services connected to optimal management of energy, for more efficient use of available infrastructure and resources. This involves long-term supply contracts (Power Purchase Agreements and Corporate PPAs), offtake of energy produced, portfolio-management services, market advisory services, power trading, development of advanced demand-management solutions (BSP/flexibility), energy-community services, and energy storage with relative grid services.

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    Smart Solutions

    The Smart Solutions division is represented by the company Energy Team, which for almost 25 years has offered hardware and software systems and innovative services for metering, monitoring, management and performance-optimisation of installations. This includes the development of algorithms to handle big-data and predictive analysis of consumption, which significantly impacts the improvement of production processes and enable participation in flexibility markets.

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    Integrated Management System

    Falck Next S.r.l., a company belonging to the Falck Renewables – Next Solutions division, has adopted a policy aimed at the provision of services aligned with customer requirements whilst also guaranteeing protection of the environment.



    Falck Renewables – Next Solutions aspires to be a leader in the energy transition, promoting sustainable development from an economic, environmental, social and human perspective.


    Falck Renewables – Next Solutions works alongside producers and consumers for a sustainable energy future, thanks to its experience in the world of renewables, the solid structure of the Group, its presence throughout the entire energy generation and supply chain and use of innovative digital systems for transparent, efficient and smart energy management.


    Future plans?

    Falck Renewables – Next solutions plans responsible development for the generation and management of renewable energy. Working closely with our stakeholders is a source of value that allows us to achieve sustainable growth and forecast requirements in a constantly evolving energy scenario.
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    We are

    Falck Renewables is an international pure play company in the field of renewable energy, operating in the development, design, creation and management of systems for production of clean energy.
    It also provides highly specialised energy-management and downstream services, both for producers and consumers, harnessing its expertise also for the technical and administrative management of third-party assets.