Happy Birthday Energy Team!

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    25 years after its foundation, Energy Team, a company belonging to the Falck Renewables – Next Solutions division, celebrates this important milestone by remembering its origins. The company was born from the intuition of 7 friends looking for efficient and innovative energy solutions for a rapidly growing market; they know that resources are not unlimited and if producing energy in an intelligent way seems essential to them, they believe it is even more to avoid wasting it.

    What has constantly inspired the founders of Energy Team over these 25 years has been the awareness of being able to make a difference by helping to make the production activity of Italian companies more sustainable.

    Starting from energy monitoring tools, the Energy Team offer is now completed with numerous consultancy services for energy efficiency up to CloE, the latest generation software platform launched last July and recently implemented to be increasingly performing in data collection and in the analysis of possible improvement actions for the benefit of its current 800 users, 5000 monitored sites equal to 3700 PODs, 8000 devices and 35000 measurements.

    “What has always guided us in defining our offer is listening to the market. To date, we have more than 15,000 monitored sites, over 600 energy audits carried out, over 60% of the interruptibility market manned by Energy Team, 416 million kWh of electricity saved by our customers “explains Luigi Galli, one of the founders and current CEO of Energy Team.

    “Today the key words that guide international politics are digitization and sustainability: we respond to the needs of our customers with products for Edge computing and various innovative services, from measuring the carbon footprint, to managing flexibility, from services for reducing of power peaks (peak shaving) to consultancy on storage plants and capacity management. “ concludes the CEO of Energy Team.

    Starting from a little group of people working from a garage, Energy Team can now count on a staff of over 100 people, housed in a 3-storey building in Trezzano sul Naviglio (south-west province of Milan), boasting a turnover that in 2019 it touched 15 million euros. In 2018 Falck Renewables understood its value and acquired 51% of it, enriching it with new skills and all its experience in the renewable sector.

    “The ongoing energy transition requires a new sensitivity of companies towards issues related to a better use of resources. Those who choose to invest in sustainability have understood that the benefits do not only meet regulatory needs, but include the enhancement of reputation and the improvement of relationships with customers.

    This is why we believe that the Falck Renewables – Next Solutions division, of which Energy Team is a part, is destined to become more and more the partner of those industrial and tertiary companies that want to start this path of awareness. “ confirms the President of Energy Team, Marco Cittadini.